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Friday, 7 July 2017

We do not need a statue.

Proposals for Margaret Thatcher statue near parliament turned down

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Turned down because Thatcher's family do not approve!
Thank heavans for that as there are quite a few million people in this country who also do not approve of the idea of erecting a statue of this odius woman anywhere in this country. Many, if not most of todays problems, housing, economic, social and industrial are directly attributable to Thatcher and her years of govenment.
Thatcher's legacy and monuments can be seen in Towns all over the country. Derlict buildings stand witness to industries devastated by policies and dogma which put profit above all else and which made greed acceptable. Whole industries and communites destroyed and generations consigned to a life on the dole. Ship building, Coal, Steel, manufacturing industries generally and all those associated suppliers and workers reliant on the manufacturing base of this country are nothing but memories in the thoughts of millions.

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Thatcher's monuments are visible all around the United Kingdom. We do not need a statue to add insult to injury.