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Friday, 21 July 2017

Government documents released on day Parliament rises

Tories use 'take out the trash' day to dump controversial reports

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It is caled a "take out the trash" day and this wretched government certainly put out some trash yesterday. The callous and cynical way that this lame duck government with its fatally wounded Prime Minister released dozens of documents on the day parliament rises for a seven week recess simply to avoid scrutiny and criticism by MP's is not only an “absolute affront to parliament”, it is an abuse of privilege and an insult to the people of this country.
The documents reveal that police numbers are the lowest for 30 years following years of government cuts, while at the same time crime figure are on the increase. The Foreign Office has "grave conerns" regarding the civil rights situation in Saudi Arabia, China and Bahrain but the report critical of our relationship with Saudi Arabia and the £ billions of arms sales every year remains buried. The electrification of rail links in Wales and the Midlands are cancelled to ensure that, “Passengers will benefit sooner and experience less disruption compared with putting up intrusive wires and masts along routes where they are no longer required.”The documents confirm that cuts to the education budgets in this country are severely affecting standards in our schools and despite the recently announced "funding" for school bubgets, which in fact amounted to no more than shifting already allocated money from one pot to anothrr pot, head teachers will still be sending begging letter to parent and reducing their numbers of teaching staff.

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Theresa May is taking three weeks of the summer recess for a summer holiday walking in Italy and the Swiss Alps. It was on a walking holiday in Wales, so the story goes, that the Pime Minister made the disaterous decision,(disaterous for her that is) to call a general election and cash in on the 40% or 50% lead in the opinion polls to completely destroy the Labour party. The result of that "flash of inspiration" is now history, but she is left as the severly wounded Prime Minister, surrounded by cabinet intrigue and squabling, failing domestic policies, and a rapidly disintegrating position on Brexit. Perhaps she will have another moment of vision as she breathes the mountain air and conclude that her sell by date has expired and that she should do the honourable thing and stand down.