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Monday, 31 March 2014

Another lost opportunity.

Tuition Fees Could be Slashed Under Ed Miliband's Labour

Ed Miliband at the East Manchester Academy

Again, given an opportunity, the Labour party generally and Miliband in particular, choose the wrong option.
Historically, Labour, (or at least the Labour party which I once belonged to) have been opposed to the concept of tuition fees and paying for education as it creates the iniquity of only "the rich" being able to afford university places and perpetuates a society where money is infinitely more important than ability.

The Bullingdon Club

The "New Labour" of Blair and Brown, to their eternal shame, introduced the idea of tuition fees, and the Tory dominated ConDem coalition with the enthusiastic support of Clegg and his band of duplicitous rouges, pushed through legislation to hike the fees, (notwithstanding their pre election vows to oppose any increase) and to introduce "student loans" to consign students to a lifetime of debt , in effect turning the government into nothing more than money lending sharks, practicing usury on a national scale.
Now the news that  " Labour could pledge to cut the £9,000 maximum fee to £6,000, or possibly further to £4,000", thus providing more proof, if more were actually required, that today's Labour, under the leadership of Miliband is nothing more than a marginal variation of the Conservative party offering only a tinkering with existing legislation, in the vain hope that they create an impression of being "radical" and that their brand of Tory policy is better and preferable to the Tory version of Tory policy. An ideologically bankrupt party indulging in political lunacy which explains why public support for the Labour party is diminishing in every recent opinion poll.
Miliband could have grasped the initiative by announcing that tuition fees would be scrapped together with the student loan scheme. He chose not to. He chose to announce another wishy washy "policy", littered with let out clauses and other qualifications.
Labour have probably just lost another couple of percentage points in the opinion polls.