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Sunday, 30 March 2014

The only people who seem surprised by the fall in Labour "support", are Labour !

Labour opinion poll support falls to lowest level since 2010 election

The alternative Tories?

For as long as Labour continue with the delusion that they can somehow be better at being Tory than the Torries are, they will never be more than a second choice in the morass of the political "center ground", as they seek to convince people that their policies for managing the capitalist system are better than the policies of the party who have been filling that role for most of the last 150 years.
In fact,  the vast majority of the Parliamentary Labour Party and its policy guru's would be more at home politically and intellectually, sitting somewhere between the Tory left and the Liberal Democrat right. 
When people are given no real alternatives, they will invariably choose the "the devil you know" when asked the question.The result is, (as a New York taxi driver once remarked in a different context), that the United Kingdom parliamentary elections usually mean that we "elect the evil of two lessers".
Thus it comes as no surprise, or at least it should be no surprise, that the "Labour lead" is only at two points. The lead will dwindle even further over the months remaining between now and the next election, (only some 13 months away), as Ed Miliband and his "advisers" become even more desperate to attract those few "floaters" who may make all the difference by offering what are essentially, Tory party policies with marginal adjustments at the peripheries which ultimately lead to the same destination.
There has been a marginal realignment of the right of British politics with the emergence of UKIP as an (almost) credible option. What is desperately needed is a realignment of the Left, offering a real and credible alternative to the discredited Labour party. .