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Friday, 7 March 2014

Iain Duncan-Smith caught out again.

Iain Duncan Smith's 'Statistical Foul Play' Exposed For Fourth Time In Year

Iain Duncan-Smith

It is by now, clear to everyone (except of course David Cameron, who is responsible for appointing this failure), that Iain Duncan-Smith is a political and social liability.
Having been exposed on at least 4 occasions as being unable to tell the truth on any area that he has ministerial responsibility for, and being equally  untruthful in his wider political career, this failed Conservative party leader, failed shadow defence secretary, central character in "Betsygate" to mention just a few points from his rather checkered past, continues to occupy a position far above his intellectual and personal capabilities. This reasons for his continued existence is a mystery to all.
Many people have been predicting his sacking or resignation for some time, but it seems that Iain Duncan-Smith either "knows where all the bodies are buried" or is able by his distortions of the truth, to convince those who are able to take such decisions, that it is all someone else s fault and that he is squeaky clean and clever.