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Sunday, 2 March 2014

David Owen will feel comfortable in today's Labour Party

David Owen founder of the breakaway SDP has pledged to back the Labour Party party

Labour turncoat David Owen

This duplicitous conspirator left the Labour Party with the others in the "Gang of 4" when it became perfectly clear to him that he would never be the leader of the Party. Following the CLPD reforms on the questions of MP's reselection and the election of Party leader, (to mention but 2 of the other democratic changes to the Party Constitution made at the time), he along with Roy Jenkins, William Rodgers and Shirley Williams, left the Labour Party to form the Social Democratic Party, which was neither “democratic” or “social” but which was created simply as a vehicle for them to satisfy and promote their own inflated ego's. Ironically, one of the names considered for the new party following the “Limehouse Declaration” was New Labour. The name and the political "morals" so enthusiastically endorsed and adopted by Blair to promote the Labour Party more than a decade later.

The "Gang of four"


I was a CLP delegate at a special one day Party Conference at Wembley, shortly before the departure of the “Gang of 4” and the other 28 Labour MP's. It was clearly evident then that Owen and the others had no place in the new, fresh Labour party, where principle and integrity were more important than personal position. Where policy was something to be constantly advocated, not just because it was popular but because it was right. Owen's speech to the delegates that day was a disaster. It must have been as clear as crystal to him that the game was up and that he and the others had to go. He was fortunate indeed to leave that conference in one piece. The SDP as it became was never troubled by principle or policy and was able to change either as easily as someone might change their underwear.
With Owen now being welcomed as an “Independant Social Democrat” in the House of Lords, but supporting the Labour Party (and making a substantial donation to party funds), and with Miliband stating, “I have come to value his friendship and insight.”, it is clear that the Labour Party has gone full circle and now returns to the pre reform days of the 1970's, where self interest is the norm and the Parliamentary Labour Party is just a very comfortable club for the privileged few. The interests and aspirations of ordinary people in this country are abandoned for preservation of the political status quo.
How long will it be before the “Miliband reforms”, are broadened to remove the automatic reselection of MP's by the Constituency Party, and the situation of a “job for life” for Labour MP's can be restored?