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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Another Tory Bigot attacks foodbanks

Extra Food Banks Aren't Needed Because Restaurants Are Busy, Says Tory Councillor 

People aren't going hungry: Cllr Liam Marshall-Ascough

Sometimes, it is hard to believe that that there are "people" in this country who still accept the myth that foodbanks are a consequence of "scroungers" preferring to live on charity rather than the result of government policies and delays in payment of essential  benefits.
Last week it was Tebbit wading into the demonisation and general slurs in respect of Foodbanks and the people who use the charities.The Tebbit of "On your bike" fame. Tebbit, the lackey of Thatcher. Tebbit, the former airline pilot, who came to fame within the Tory party with his odious attacks on working people, immigrants, unemployed and the gay community a perfect lapdog in fact for the  grocers daughter from Grantham.
Today, Crawley Councillor Liam Marshall-Ascough crawls out of the woodwork to add his ill considered comments to those insults and abuse already in the public domain from Edwina Currie, Liam walker, Rupert Charles Ponsonby, Baron Freud, Iain Duncan-Smith and numerous other Tory party members.
When making a bid for the leadership of Crawley Borough Council. Marshal-Ascough, promised to reconsider plans to build a new cemetery on public playing fields, claimed that single women get themselves pregnant to be housed by the council, notwithstanding the fact that he had not one shred of evidence to support such an outrageous allegation, and stated that he  was "sick of hard-working taxpayers footing the bill for benefit claimants". Comments rating amongst the more colourful remarks of his leadership bid. Clearly the bigotry of this nasty little individual has not diminished.
For the past two years, I have been writing about  the ever increasing numbers of people forced into using the Trussell trust and other foodbank charities. Since 2012, the number of people relying on foodbanks has grown from almost 200,00 in 2012,  to 700,000 now, and is predicted to rise to over 1 million in 2014.
(See of 22nd December 2013).
It has become the main tool in Tory party propaganda to demonise people who are reliant on foodbanks to feed their families and to decry those charities who provide such facilities. The intervention by Liam Marshall-Ascough, is just the latest preposterous comment about  a growing scandal for which the Tories are solely responsible, a problem which they do not understand and confirmation that the Tory party and its supporters are totally out of touch with the world of reality.