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Sunday, 30 March 2014

"Independent", trying to attract the readers attention.

Search teams 'tantalisingly close' to finding the wreckage

Search area's

As the perplexing hunt for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 enters its fourth week, search teams believe they may be tantalisingly close to finding the wreckage. But for the relatives of the 239 passengers and crew, the failure to retrieve a single piece of debris to date is excruciating.

"Tantalisingly close to finding the wreckage". Now what on earth does that mean? "Wreckage" is either there, or it isn't.
Kathy Marks, "Independent" reporter and author of this piece of journalistic nonsense, joins what seems to be a growing trend amongst "journalists" of the "Independent" by writing stories using "sensational" prose and headlines, presumably to attract the readers attention, and to demonstrate how clever they are with their use of the English language. The reality of course is the complete opposite.
How long will it be before the Independent headlines with "GOTCHA !" or even "It wos the Indie what wun it !"
Amol Rajan, Lisa Markwell and the rest of the editorial team should really pay more attention and get a grip of what is being published.