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Sunday, 16 March 2014

La Mare Wine Estates do not only produce wines!

 Waiting for the Postman.


La Mare Wine Estates

On the north coast of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, you will find La Mare Wine Estates. Popular with tourists and local alike, La Mare produces a range of products including wines, gin, vodka and brandy, chocolates and biscuits.
The reason for drawing your attention to this establishment , is the result of a crisis which has arisen in our house in respect of marmalade. Or, to be more precise, the lack of marmalade. Not only does La Mare produce the products referred to previously, they also produce a comprehensive range of preserves. Black Butter (a Jersey specialty), Jam from raspberries, summer fruits, strawberries etc, mustard's and mint jelly are in abundance in the shop, together with of course marmalade, particularly my favourite, orange marmalade.
I first discovered this, for me, breakfast essential, some years ago on one of our frequent visits to the island. As we invariably take our car, there was sufficient space for a box of jars in the boot to take back home and it became a regular feature of every trip to visit La Mare and come away with a dozen (sometimes more) jars of marmalade to restock our larder. Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, stocks would reduce faster than anticipated which would necessitate having some jars sent over by post on an "emergency" basis. The package would always fascinate our village postman who would knock our door and be found gently shaking the parcel with a puzzled expression.
Which brings me to the current situation. For some unknown reason, miscalculation or or other blunder, I discovered recently that we had no marmalade. None whatsoever. Following a visit to our local Morrison last Friday, I have obtained a few individual pots of a well known brand, to satisfy a craving. (I have in the interim ordered a supply of the "proper stuff", to be sent over from Jersey by post). The first breakfast with this alternative took place this morning. Now I am sure that many people purchase this well known brand in vast amounts for breakfast every day, all over the country and beyond, and are well satisfied with the product. However, I am afraid that I am not one of them. The marmalade was OK and that is about all I can say. It was rather like having a hint of orange flavoured  syrup on toast.

Marmalade from La Mare

Of course, it is all a matter of personal taste, but if you have never tried  Orange Marmalade from La Mare and find an opportunity to do so, I can recommend the taste and the content. No preservatives, additives or other "chemicals" listed, just  original farmhouse recipes.
I await the knock on the door by our puzzled postman.