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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Miliband has more in common with the Tory party than the labour movement.


Ed Miliband Faces Labour Rebellion For Backing Welfare Cap

Ed Miliband:. More at home in the Conservative party?

The Labour leader Ed Miliband has ordered his MPs to back the cap on overall welfare spending. This instruction to elected MP's, or at least the reasoning behind the order, demonstrates how far the Labour Party and its leadership has drifted away from the traditional base and principles of the Labour movement.
Were this directive, enthusiastically endorsed by Balls and supported by the entire front bench of the Parliamentary Labor party, based on any sound economic benefit, then there may, just may, be some grounds for supporting such a policy. However, there is no such economic reasoning and the Labour MP's at least the majority of them, will troupe into the "Aye" lobby in support of the ConDem coalition and their Tory masters, to pass a bill designed purely as another tool for the DWP and in particular Iain Duncan-Smith, to batter the unemployed, sick and disabled, single parent families housing benefit claimants and all the other people who are reliant on the welfare system, which has already been cut to the bone to satisfy Tory dogma. Thank God that there are some Labour members, estimated at this time to be between 20 and 40, who will defy this instruction and will retain an element of principle, demonstrating that even though the leadership of a once great party are seeking to become the "New Tory party" and completely abandon the ordinary people of the country, there are some who still believe in traditional values and social justice.