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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Chair of Royal College of GP's expresses "grave concerns for the sustainability of the NHS".

'Family doctor service on brink of extinction', says new GP leader



A visit to the GP


The ConDem coalition, particularly the Tory segment, will not be content until they have created the environment necessary to enable them to point to the "failure" of the NHS and in the same breath announce that only competition within the private sector can meet the needs for health care in the UK. The parasitic friends of the Tory's have already devoured large parts of the NHS are are queuing like marauding hyena's  to scavenge at the remaing carcass.
There has always been an intense resentment towards the NHS from within the Conservative party, and now it seems that they feel confident enough to disband the entire structure and revert to the health care and standards of the 1930's.
The Tory MP's and those activists within the party, who have, by their mis management, financial cuts and systematic sabotage of the service, created the very failures which they now use as justification for further cuts and more involvement by the "private sector" have the scent of "victory" in their nostrils as contributions flow into party funds and the prospect, for some at least, of lucrative appointments in medical provision companies or quangos yet to be created to manage the new "health" structures.
In this myriad of political intrigue the role of the GP remains crucial to the functioning of the present NHS, as politicians from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt downwards are very well aware. 

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt

The "extinction" of the GP service, as predicted by Dr Maureen Baker, Chair of the Royal College of GP's would create "grave concerns for the sustainability of the NHS" .

Dr. Maureen Baker  Royal College of General Practitioners.

Unless we are prepared to take on government and resist more privatisation of the NHS, we will see, within our lifetime, a return to the days of GP's providing care only to those who have the means to pay for visits and a two tier "hospital" service where profit is the driving factor and only those who can afford the fees have access to medical care. The rest will have to rely on "charity hospitals" if such a facility exists.