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Thursday, 6 March 2014

History is not Hillary's best subject.

Hillary Clinton says Vladimir Putin’s Crimea occupation echoes Hitler

Hillary Clinton


When it comes to historical accuracy, Americans generally are at best selective in their recollection of events and usually fit "facts" or comparisons between personalities,  into their preferred view of reality. In this respect, Hillary Clinton is no exception.
When Germany invaded Russia in June 1941, the Ukraine, with its fertile farmlands (the "bread basket" of Europe), the extensive mineral resources including iron ore, coal, manganese and other industrial assets was of primary importance as a target for occupation and exploitation. Even before the German invasion, battalions were set up and trained as Ukrainian battalions in the Wehrmacht, and were part of the initial invading force.
During the ensuing occupation, collaboration between Ukrainians, predominately in the western parts of the country, was widespread with atrocities being carried out by both German and ethnic Ukrainians against the indigenous "Russian" populations of the east and in particular the Crimea. The people of Crimea and of the eastern areas of Ukraine many of whom remember the invasion and occupation, consequently have little trust for those in the west or for the western European powers (and their allies in the "International community).
In this respect, the fact that "invading" Russians are today welcomed in Crimea and supported in eastern Ukraine, has its seeds in the history of the area and the continuing sense of resentment and mistrust towards the peoples of western Ukraine.

 To compare Putin to Hitler is therefore spurious and reference to Sudeten Germans in  Czechoslovakia really demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of the history of that country also.
For Hillary to throw in distorted fact and her warped or non existent understanding of history, is neither helpful or constructive. The thought of her running for the Presidency, and horror of horrors actually winning, is alarming.