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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Egyptian show trials hand down first verdicts.


Egyptian court issues death sentences to 529 supporters of President Mohammed Morsi


Morsi supporters face anti-riot police officers in Cairo

529 death sentences, with  more to follow and culminating no doubt, with a death sentence for President Mohamed Morsi after his sham show trial.
A despotic military dictatorship under the junta headed by Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, handing out "justice" to any and all opposition, following their coup of July 2013.
A coup incidentally supported and encouraged by the United States, the "champion of freedom and democracy"  (albeit even to this day, the Americans refuse to acknowledge or accept that the events of last year were a coup), supported by the British government who invariably follow the American lead and enthusiastically endorsed by "Peace envoy"  Tony Blair with his comments of July 2013 immediately after the military takeover, and compounded by his outrageous remarks in Cairo as reported in the "Independent" on 30 January 2014.
The history of the events in Egypt following the overthrow of Mubarak, will be rewritten by the Junta with assistance from American "historians", to show that the democratic election of President Morsi was somehow not what the people really wanted and that Al-Sisi with his military coup was really a "good guy" who restored peace, tranquility and the rule of law to Egypt.    
The reality of course, is completely the opposite with show trials, arrests of any opposition, detention of journalists, press and media restrictions and the restoration of widespread corruption. As I have argued before, it is the Egyptian people who are the losers.