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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Dorset Music Group snubs Bahrain F1 Grand Prix, Bernie Eccleston and the al-Khalifa regime

Dorset musical group snub Grand Prix over human rights concerns

magic drum orchestra
 A DORSET musical group has snubbed an invitation to play at a prestigious Formula One Grand Prix over concerns about human rights violations.

A big well done to The Magic Drum Orchestra, for taking a stand against the barbaric al-Khalifa regime and its excesses against the people of Bahrain.

On Friday, 20 April 2012, I wrote in this Blog, under the heading of "CANCEL THE BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX " the following text,

"Principle is more important that money. Ecclestone and the Bahrain Royal family grab the kudos, while the Bahrain security forces backed by the Saudi forces, continue to oppress and kill  protesters. CANCEL THE BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX "

The oppression and civil rights abuses against the people and protestors in Bahrain continues unabated today, and yet the worlds media and press continue to ignore it.
Personally, i feel that to continue with the Grand Prix is bloody disgraceful. As in all walks of life and sport, FIA, and Bernie Ecclestone, demonstrate that money is more important than principle. I shall not watch or have any interest. It will not make one iota of difference of course, but it will be a gesture.