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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Philip Davies, a dispicable MP and his 90 minute filibuster.

Tory MP Philip Davies speaks for 90 minutes to stop carers getting free hospital parking

Philip Davies MP. The bill would have given carers free parking at hospitals

What could possibly motivate these "MP's" to block a bill which would be of benefit to thousands of people all over the country, particularly when the benefit applies only to carers?
Already, the parking charges imposed at hospitals around the country are extortionate and represent a significant cost to patients attending for appointments particularly when such appointments may be part of an ongoing treatment. Some hospitals do operate a "waiver" system where an additional parking charge is not applied if there are delays in the waiting time for patients to see doctors, but even these are discretionary. 

Hospital trusts are making annual profits of more than £1 million from car parks

Parking charges at hospitals, whilst providing a significant source of income for the Hospital trust, are essentially a "tax" on being sick, which in itself is bad enough, but for rich out of touch Tory politicians to deny even those caring for sick or disabled a concessionary parking facility is crass, mean and shameful. To rely on a  filibuster in order to achieve this objective is even more despicable as are the "honourable members" who carried out this act of shame.