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Monday, 17 October 2016

A "ceasefire within hours" will not resolve the crisis either in Yemen or in Syria

Britain and US call for Yemen ceasefire within hours
Image result for John Kerry meets Boris Johnson and Saudi foreign minister in London

Does this also mark the end of the United Kingdom and United States unconditional support for the Saudi Arabian led coalition intervention into the Yemen civil war? Does it also signal the end of the £ billions of armaments and weapons supplied to Saudi Arabia and their allies to continue their aggression in Yemen and the almost daily killing of civilians in the "rebel held" areas?

Image result for yemen civil war
Houses destroyed by Saudi Arabian airstrikes near Sanaa.
Somehow I think not as Saudi Arabia, the country that abuses the civil rights of its people on an epic scale, is a "staunch ally" of the West in the "fight against terror" and provides intelligence as well as stability in the area. You may detect a degree of hypocrisy in the stated positions and intent of Kerry and Johnson, which of course is nothing new in the foreign policy of their respective governments. Their unqualified support for Saudi Arabia and their intervention in the Yemen civil war, should be compared and contrasted with their almost hysterical condemnation of Russia and their support for the government of Bashar Al-Assad against ISIS and other rebel groups in Syria.

Image result for syrian civil war airstrikes near damascus
Russian or Allied airstrikes near Damascus
The difference of course is that in Syria, "the West" is supporting some, but not all of the "rebel groups", with arms, finance, military advice and logistics.Supporting the "good rebels" while attacking the "bad rebels"
The "West" and its foreign policy in the Middle East generally, has created a labyrinthine shambles of warring groups and factions selectively encouraged and supported by the great powers. As is always the case however, it is the civilian population which pays the price of outside interventions.