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Monday, 24 October 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 23 October 2016

Good morning everyone.

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Alan Turing

"Alan Turing's law", is a long overdue piece of legislation which has taken 64 years to almost reach the statute books, for government to acknowledge the gross injustice of convictions and punishments handed down to Turing and others, under the Criminal law amendment act of 1885. On Friday (21st October) Sam Gyimah the Conservative MP for East Surrey and government minister filibustered his own legislation to "talk out" the amendments to the Policing and Crime bill which would have introduced this reform.

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Sam Gyimah MP

Sam Gyimah is a reprehensible and unprincipled example of an MP bringing the whole House into disrepute. The whole story is in today’s paper under the headings "Policing and Crime bill to incorporate "Alan Turing law" and "Sam Gyimah MP, filibusters his own legislation to introduce "Alan Turing's law".

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Brendan Cole

While on the subject of "Strictly Come Dancing" (again) Brendan Cole has been struck down with a "lung infection" which has prevented him from appearing on the show. Reports of his "death" appearing in some sections of the social media are greatly exaggerated. The 40-year-old dancer said that he was "horrified & bemused" by the report. 

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Ed Balls in Strictly Come Dancing

Ed Balls, one of the "Celeb" (?) contestants on the show, has problems other than being, (according to many critics, viewers, and assorted other opinions) consistently the worst dancer by far and who should have been eliminated weeks ago, has more troubles to add to his difficulties. It seems that Ed is being left out by the younger contestants who go off to Camden or Central London when the show or rehearsals have finished at around 11:00 pm while the "older" contestants wander off home for their Cocoa drinking chocolate and their pyjamas. Poor old Ed has to be up early in the mornings.

The NHS is crumbling under the weight of chronic disease. This is largely driven by diet and lifestyle factors.
A Video featuring Dr Chatterrjee is on:-
As well as lifestyle, we should also be looking at the amount of preservatives, additives and other assorted "nasties" that manufactures pump into all sorts of food. We can choose what to eat and drink, but we have no control over what the manufactures and producers augment them with. Legislation is implemented to control sugar and salt content of food and we should work towards legislation to control food additives.

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Even the American people are at a loss to understand

On Tuesday November 8th, less than 16 days from now, the American people will go into their polling booth's and place their "x" or whatever other method of showing their preference may be in operation in their particular State, for the next President of the United States. Of the 6 candidates in the poll, it is almost certain that either Trump with the strange coiffure, stranger finger gestures and questionable past, or Clinton with the manic facial contortions, shrill almost hysterical rantings, and questionable past, will become the next person who the American Secret Service refer to as POTUS. At least after November 8th, we shall be spared the endless coverage of the "Presidential Campaign" which seems to have be going on for the last 12 months, and the appalling slanging matches labelled "Presidential Debates", (which I hasten to add I have only seen on the News Channels as that is the predominant news they seem to report) so favoured by Sky News and "their sister Channel Fox News". The thing that I am totally at a loss to understand, is how from a nation of some 320 million people, these two unstable politicians have emerged as the only choices for the role of "Leaders of the Free World". The xenophobic sex predator, or the belligerent interventionist, give a whole new meaning to the words "what an appalling choice".

It is cold, but it is getting warmer or maybe not depending on which television channel you may be watching and whether their seaweed is more accurate than the oppositions seaweed.

Have a nice week