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Monday, 3 October 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 02 October 2016

Good morning everyone.

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Starting with a weather forecast this week, because if it is true, it is the most disturbing news item which leapt out of the pages of the on line "newspapers", causing me to have a "sharp intake of breath". It was forecasting that the United Kingdom is in for a mini ice age (not that 4 moths is a "mini" anything) over the period November to February next. Heavy snow, up to 4 feet (!) of it in places causing severe disruption to travel and essential services (and we only have electricity in the village) will cover all of the country with Arctic temperatures ensuring that the snow will remain blanketing the country. The only possible relief from this traumatic period, is that a White Christmas is almost guaranteed for all of us.

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White Christmas?

The reason I bring this report to you, is that the source of the story was not the usual harbinger of weather gloom and disaster the "Express", who's stories invariably bring a yawn and some comment to the effect of, "oh, not again". This time it was the "Mirror", that frequently referred to "newspaper of record", preparing us all for the impending anguish. Winter woollies on, camping stoves at the ready, deliveries of supplies booked on line from Sainsbury's and Calor Gas heaters positioned in every room. Be prepared, as the Mirror says that the snow is on its way.

The Labour party Conference closed on Wednesday with the usual calls for party unity and the rallying cry to prepare for a snap General election. The Conference season ends this week with the Conservative part having their usual staged managed pantomime in Birmingham, featuring Boris and Theresa banging on about "Brexit" (and that was only on day 1) and Laura Kuenssberg for the BBC and Fisal Islam for Sky competing with each other to give the best possible propaganda slant to the conservative policies and government. Perhaps these two "journalists" have an eye on an OBE at some stage in the future, their coverage is certainly less hostile than the reports of last week.
General election? Theresa May has again ruled out the possibility of a general election before 2020. A week is a long time in politics, so we shall see.

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I have a "thing" about seagulls. They are aggressive and often quite dangerous in the way they "attack" humans, particularly children, in their constant search for food. Many if not most gulls particularly around coastal resorts, now prefer ice cream, chips, hamburgers, cream cakes etc to their natural food source of fresh fish. It is not the fault of the gulls as they have been conditioned by many years of brain dead morons thinking how quaint it is to be surrounded by screeching gulls collecting pieces of bread or crisps or bits of sandwiches or what ever from humans usually standing right beside notices warning "Do not feed the gulls". I once witnessed at least 12 gulls attacking three small children on a beach, pecking and flapping wildly trying (and succeeding) to steal the children’s ice creams. The children were covered in blood and traumatised by an event which will no doubt remain with them for the rest of their lives. This story is not unique.

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The Dorset Echo article reports on how West Dorset Council is proposing to fine people for feeding gulls and asking for opinions as part of a consultation process.
The problem is of course one of enforcement, but I would fine people a substantial amount, certainly not less than £1000, and on subsequent conviction a short custodial sentence should be imposed. It is a question of either stopping idiots feeding the gulls or conduct a cull of the birds.

The coming week is forecast to be dry and getting colder, but see the first story in this e-mail.

Have a nice week.