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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Hypocrisy reigns supreme in Westminster.

Boris Johnson calls for demonstrations outside Russian embassy 

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The hypocrisy of conservative politicians, especially now of Boris Johnson, is breathtaking.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he would “like to see demonstrations outside the Russian embassy” he also asks 'Where is the Stop the War coalition?"
It seems that demonstrations and those who take part in them are only acceptable when the object of the demo is one which the Tory party agree with and actually promote (an event so rare as to be almost a myth). At all other times, demonstrations are just politically motivated bandwagons (as per Oliver Letwin) organised by extremists and left wing militants (as per any conservative politician you may choose to ask) and are always attended by "Rent a Mob".

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Tories were not interested, and were quick to condemn demonstrations by millions of people against the Poll Tax, or the preparations for the Iraq wars, or the invasion of Afghanistan, or the intervention in Libya, or the increases in University fees or a hundred and one other demo's which opposed government policies.
"Rent a Mob" only has respectability when the government of the day seeks to shroud their shabby hypocrisy with a veneer of credibility.

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While on the subject of Conservative Party hypocrisy, consider for a moment, the latest hypocrite to crawl out of the woodwork of conservative central office. I refer of course to Andrew Mitchell, MP for Sutton Coldfield who has thrown his weight behind Boris Johnson and his calls for prosecutions and anti Russian demonstrations. However, the hypocrisy pours out of Mitchell when he vigorously supports Saudi Arabia and others, bombing civilians in Yemen, using British manufactured and supplied weapons, in their barbaric targeting of "rebels" in Sana'a and other "rebel" held areas.
It is clearly obvious that it is a war crime to target and bomb "rebels" when such "rebels" are attacked by Russian or Syrian forces, and yet it is perfectly acceptable to attack "rebels" when they are the as defined by the United States, United Kingdom Saudi Arabia etc as "bad rebels".

That is a fundamental problem when becoming engaged in another countries civil war. When so many different warring factions are involved, as in Syria, it is impossible to know which faction or factions to support. In Yemen supporting the Saudi Arabian led coalition with arms and logistical support is an indefensible policy which is blatantly more to do with making the arms manufactures and dealers even richer, that with resolving the conflict.

The fighting goes on, the humanitarian crisis grows worse as civilians are killed and hypocrisy reigns supreme in Westminster.