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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Another concocted "Independent" poll where truth is the only victim.

Labour would have a better chance of winning if Tony Blair came back as leader.

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The Independent exceeds even its own standard of truth distortion. As a "newspaper" (even an exclusively on line version because it did not sell on the news stands) the Independent is famous for manufacturing "facts" and producing concocted "opinion polls" to suit whichever line of rubbish it is currently peddling.

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This week, it is Blair. Last week it was Milliband Major who the Independent sought to promote as the saviour of the British people. Blair, the hypocritical war monger, exposed (eventually) in the Chilcot report as a puppet of Bush and the American neocons, would never be trusted to run a whelk stall let alone have another stint at destroying this country.
They say that in war, truth is the first victim. However, in the case of the Independent and its reporting of news, truth is the first, last and only victim.