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Thursday, 6 October 2016

West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin snubs campaign to save baby unit.

MP voices support for Dorchester's under threat Tourist Information Centre.

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Oliver Letwin supports the Dorchester Tourist Information Centre saying, "I do see the advantage of having a TIC in Dorchester and I very much hope that West Dorset District Council will be able to find a way of accommodating a new centre". 

This is the same Oliver Letwin who describes the campaign to save the SCBU, Kingfisher and maternity wards at Dorchester County Hospital as a "politically motivated bandwagon", which would be "entirely irresponsible," for him "to promote or join". 
It is hardly a "politically motivated bandwagon", to campaign against proposals to close facilities in Dorchester, forcing people, particularly in West Dorset to travel up to an hour and a half to Poole, instead of 35 mins or so to DCH. Letwin now says that he is, "persuaded that the changes which are proposed will actually lead to better and safer care for those of my constituents who have very premature babies or other serious complications". A weasel worded cop out to justify his indifference towards sick children and contempt for a campaign to reverse the decision, while at the same time, throwing his weight into behind the retention of a Tourist Information Centre in Dorchester!
Letwin certainly has a warped sense of priority and value.