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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Sam Gyimah MP, filibusters his own legislation to introduce "Alan Turing's law"

Conservative minister obstructs progression of gay pardon law

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Sam Gyimah MP

Sam Gyimah the Conservative MP for East Surrey and government minister, carried out an outrageous filibuster on Friday (21st October) to scupper progress of the bill to introduce, "Alan Turing's law", despite previous government assurances to implement the change through an amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill. Incredibly, the filibuster was perpetrated by no other than Gyimah himself who had given the assurances to implement the changes only two days before.

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Alan Turing

It is an affront to the democratic process that members are allowed to employ such tactics and "talk out" legislation which they or vested interests they represent find unacceptable. It is even more outrageous when those members are government ministers delaying or completely removing their own legislation. The motives and reasoning for Gyimah's behaviour on this matter can be guessed at, but whatever they may be, Sam Gyimah is a reprehensible and unprincipled example of an MP bringing the whole House into disrepute.