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Monday, 31 October 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 30 October 2016

Good morning everyone.

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Regular readers will probably be aware that I have an intense aversion to this bizarre ritual of tampering with the clocks. It happened again last night, when at the appointed moment, all the clocks in the land (including our house) were put back by 1 hour to revert to GMT. I do not have a problem in March when sanity returns and we reinstate BST, but the October absurdity causes me, and I am sure thousands of others around the UK, a complete disruption of physical routines and sleep patterns. Last night was no exception. For some unknown reason I woke thinking that it was early morning. It was not. A glance at the bedside clock confirmed that the tinkering had taken place and it was only 12:06. After a period of tossing and turning, I eventually went back to sleep.
When my body clock woke me I assumed that it was sometime between 04:00 and 05:00, which is the usual starting time for my day. After a few moments of motivating myself to move, I rose without even bothering to check the clock.
On arriving in the kitchen, I was stunned to see that the kitchen clock was showing 03:09! We have another five months of this to endure added to the dark at 3 45pm, the almost sinister mist and fog, and the cold and frosty mornings. The only "bright spot" to look forward to is Christmas. I am not and never have been a "winter person" and eagerly await the night when BST is restored. When that happens on Sunday 26th March 2017 (which is, incidentally Mother's Day) may the "powers that be" decree that BST is the set time for the UK and that no further meddling with the clocks will be necessary.

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Carlos Alberto

Carlos Alberto Torres (also known as "O Capitão do Tri") July 17, 1944 – October 25, 2016, R I P

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Brazil 1970. " The greatest football team ever

A great player from an unbelievable team. The 1970 Brazilian team would have beaten any other International side at any time then or since.
(1) Felix
(2) Carlos Alberto Torres
(3) Hercules Brito
(4) Wilson Piazza
(5) Everaldo
(6) Clodoaldo
(7) Gerson
(8) Tostao
(9) Rivelino
(10) Pele
(11) Jairzinho
(Position numbers not squad numbers)

A truly remarkable side which has been recognised by many as the greatest football team ever.
I saw the match and watched Carlos Alberto sore the 4th goal.
watch the video at: (copy and paste in your browser.)

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Next Saturday it will be November 5th or Guy Fawkes as it is known. Personally, I would ban the sale of fireworks in shops and supermarkets and only legitimate display organisation would be allowed to obtain or posses them. This has been my view for many years, but it seems that this country is prepared to accept injury (or worse) to people, usually children and to animals for the dubious "pleasure" of a few minutes watching very expensive fireworks from ASDA or where ever, disappear in clouds of coloured smoke, (We would also be spared the nightly bangs, whizzes and other assorted noises which seem to start around 2 weeks before the 5th November and continue for some time following "Bonfire night" itself)

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Kwasi Kwarteng

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Ken Loach

The film "I, Daniel Blake" from Ken Loach seems to be causing some discomfort, particularly in government circles. Channel 4 News had Ken Loach and government minister Kwasi Kwarteng discussing the film and its implications. You can read my observations on the interview on and the full story in New Agenda on Sunday,

The video is at (copy and paste link in your browser)

The "weather pundits" are still warning of cold to come. Meanwhile it remains mild enough to have stopped, temporarily at least, using our heaters.

Have a nice week