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Monday, 10 October 2016

Full of sour grapes and determined to continue sniping and propagating division

Jeremy Corbyn 'still not up to the job', says Alan Johnson.

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Alan Johnson.Former Postman.former Union Official,former Cabinet Minister.

So much for party unity and rallying round the newly elected leader. Alan Johnson is determined, presumably on behalf of a few other dissidents within the Parliamentary Labour Party, to perpetuate the warfare and sniping of the past 18 months and maintain the undermining of the democratically (twice) elected leader.
The really galling thing about this latest input, is that Johnson and those who think (and frequently state to any of the press prepared to listen) actually have the audacity to blame those who support the leadership as being divisive and scheming to destroy the party. 
The message to Johnson and those other plotters of the PLP is a simple one. You lost, again. Get over it or move on.