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Sunday, 16 February 2014

A solution was never an option.

Peace talks in Geneva are on the verge of collapse,

UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi

Did anyone really expect anything to come as a result of these "peace talks"?
The FSA and the other 1001 rebel groups, are fighting with each other for control of regions of Syria and have wildly divergent social, political and economic aims. The only factor which they have in common is the objective of removing Bashar al-Assad from power.
The only objective that America and the United Kingdom has, is regime change in Damascus and to this end, both are determined to launch a campaign of military intervention as soon as the climate of public opinion at home allows. With this objective, the politicians of both countries have embarked on a propaganda assault, enthusiastically taken up by the television and media, demonising Assad and thereby seeking to justify economic and military support for whichever element of the "rebel forces" are most useful to the long term regional aspirations of the "western powers".
The "Geneva 2 Peace talks" were never destined to achieve any solution to the civil war in Syria since the rebel elements in attendance, represent only a fraction of the opposition forces in the country and the western inspired pre-conditions of the creation  of a transitional government with no place for Assad, completely frustrates any negotiating position that the Syrian government side may have.
Geneva 2, is and has been a complete waste of time, effort and money and was created simply to allow Kerry, Hague and the rest to claim that they tried and that failure to resolve the civil war was entirely the fault of the regime in Damascus and the west must now consider the military option.