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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hague compares Homs to Srebrenica.


Syria conflict: The spectre of Srebrenica hangs over besieged Old City of Homs, warns William Hague

" Free Syrian Army" inside a damaged building in Homs

Hague and Kerry, continue the steady drip of emotive comparisons, attempting to move public opinion to support a military intervention by the "International Community" or more accurately, the United States and United Kingdom, in the Syrian civil war. For the last few years. if not longer, the objective in Washington and London has been for regime change in Syria. Having been frustrated in this ambition by their respective legislative bodies, they now attempt another route to countenance military intervention in support of the numerous rebel factions.
This is a bloody and vicious civil war, and regardless of what the warmongering politicians in London and Washington may in order to whip up public support, we should have no part in it.