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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The "Blamegame" creates a smokescreen but cannot conceal the truth. 

More storms bring flooding threat to Home Counties and London 



Village of Moorland in Somerset
Disregard all the rhetoric, finger pointing, mud slinging blame game nonsense. Forget the photo opportunity tours by Cameron, Smith, Clegg, Patterson (Pre op version), Hammond and the rest and today to be joined by Miliband and no doubt others to follow, all designed more for PR than solution.
The bottom line to all this rhetoric, comment and hand wringing "sympathy, is a simple one. It will be stated by people standing up to their thighs in flood water outside their homes, It will be repeated by Environmental Agency workers as they continue the battle against ever rising water levels laying sand bags and fitting pumps where the rivers should be. It will be stated by railway workers as they try to repair storm damaged lines still covered by water.
The bottom line is that ordinary people are paying the price, in many cases a very high price, for years of neglect by successive governments of river management in this country. Years of seeking ways to "save money" by cutting essential river maintenance. Years of policies driven more by financial consideration than environmental necessity.
We may have saved a few £million over the years, but the ill conceived policy of cuts, is costing us £billions today and for the next weeks and months.