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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Another feeble "justification" for intervention.

 Syrian government accused of 'starve or surrender' policy against civilians


Aleppo Syria air strike

The “starve or surrender” tactic has been employed in warfare since Roman times through the middle Ages, the Boer War and two World wars. For the United States  to suggest that this is some kind of new "atrocity" carried out by the Syrian government, demonstrates more of another exercise in clutching at any straw to whip up public opinion behind a military attack on Syria.
Kerry chips in to this growing clamour for a UN resolution and subsequent intervention, with his comments that "“Bashar al-Assad is not, in our judgement, fully in compliance", in respect of the chemical weapons destruction. Another drip of propaganda to add to the accumulation of questionable "evidence".
The United States and  the United Kingdom, have been intent since last year, of becoming involved in the Syrian Civil war with the objective of bringing about  regime change in the country. Having been thwarted in that desire by their own respective legislative bodies, they are now furiously winding up the propaganda and rhetoric to persuade the public that military intervention is the only option.
It seems that they are committed to adding Syria to the list of other military disasters in Iraq, Afghanistan and other theaters.