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Friday, 21 February 2014

Lemurs: The world’s most threatened mammal group.

Lemurs could be extinct 'very soon' experts warn

Ring-tailed lemur group

The Critically Endangered Black and white ruffed lemur has been kept at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey since 1982 together with other species of Lemur including the Ring-tailed lemur(Conservation Status: Near Threatened), the Alaotran gentle lemur (Conservation Status: Critically Endangered), the Red-ruffed lemur (Conservation Status: Endangered), and the Red-fronted brown lemur (Conservation Status: Data Deficient).
The Durrell Trust does valuable work in attempting to conserve wildlife in a number countries around the world for a number of species, not only the lemur.
We joined the Trust on a visit to Jersey some years past and have been members ever since. Our particular interests are the Gorilla and the Sumatran Orangutan, both critically endangered.

Western lowland gorilla

Sumatran orangutan


Durrell is not a zoo (I hate zoo's) albeit that it is marked on the tourist literature and signposts as such, more for convenience of location than accuracy of function.
A visit to their website ( provides much information on the work that the trust does in attempting to mitigate the effects of disruption (all too frequently man made disruption and destruction) on wildlife habitat causing species to become endangered or even extinct.