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Monday, 17 February 2014

Economic lunacy. The Government saves a few £millions and it costs the country £billions.

Flood area defences put on hold by government funding cuts


David Cameron visiting a flood-hit area


Has anyone ever thought that the spending cuts have not contributed to the present disastrous conditions in the Thames Valley or the Somerset levels, or any of the numerous other locations around the country?
Successive governments, but predominately this current ConDem coalition disaster, save £millions with their budget cuts, and it costs the country £billions in flood damage, farming losses and disruption to travel and transport with a huge repair bill to come. It has also resulted in immeasurable hardship and suffering for thousands of people who have seen considerable damage, or even complete destruction of their homes and businesses, the loss of sometimes irreplaceable possessions and disruption of their lives for months if not years to come.
Funding cuts for essential services, not only flood defences, is economic lunacy incorporated into government policies, which could well have been created by the Marx brothers rather than allegedly sensible politicians.