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Sunday, 2 February 2014

An official State Government policy for the killing of protected species.

Thousands rally against shark cull in Australia

It is their environment.

Killing hundreds, (if not thousands), of sharks and anything else which happens to take the bait on these disgusting baited drum lines with hooks, is a cruel and barbaric practice. When the only purpose of the "cull" is to prevent  shark attacks on humans, the policy is even more obscene. In any event, this policy of slaughter will have little if any effect on the number of shark attacks which average 15 per year and of those only one proves fatal.

SHARK PLAN: Baited beaches will cost $1m
 Colin Barnett holding a hook, part of the baited drum line

This policy is another example of cruelty against animals for no reason other than human indulgence.
Many sharks are in fact endangered species and there are international agreements to protect them, particularly the Great White. However, it seems that international obligations are of no concern or consequence to Colin Barnett, the West Australia Premier.