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Monday, 24 February 2014

Ukraine in line for European Union aid package.

EU aims to woo new leadership in Ukraine with aid deal

Vitali Klitschko, talks to members in the parliament session hall, in Kiev

Just like the United States in countless countries around the world, the European Union seeks to buy influence and control outside their own borders with promises of huge sums of money, no doubt to be followed shortly by further promises of military aid, equipment and special economic deals.
All this bribery, and no doubt the associated corruption when the "defence equipment" dealers begin to ply their trade in the Ukraine, or whatever remains of that wretched nation at that time, geared to buy influence and further marginalise Putin generally and Russia specifically.
The British government of course, is eager to jump on the bandwagon, and promise £millions from our own treasury, not withstanding the fact that many people in this country are totally opposed and fed up with pouring more and more of taxpayers money into foreign aid of one sort or another. In the case of the promises to the Ukraine, the motivation for such aid is so clearly obvious that any “justification” emanating from George Osborne or Baroness Ashton is immediately exposed as duplicitous rhetoric and held in contempt by many observers.


Ashton says EU, US working on aid plan for Ukraine

Hague warns Russia "not to meddle in Ukraine"

In a staggering piece of hypocritical irony the British Foreign Secretary wades in with remarks which, even for his warped logic, are breath taking for sheer pomposity. Speaking on Sunday morning, William Hague warned Russia not to meddle in the Ukrainian crisis!
It seems that the European Union, the Untied States and the British government are winding themselves up (and preparing the rest of us), for some “meddling” in the Ukrainian crisis and pumping £millions of our money into Kiev to finance it.
Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it