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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Miliband following Blair.

Miliband To Radically Change Labour Party Far More Than Blair


Blair and Miliband: Full circle


Miliband has still not grasped the essential truth.
The reasons for the disillusionment people feel about politics, the decline in numbers of people voting in elections, the growing perception of a rift between politicians and public has nothing to do with leadership elections within the party, reforms in the relationship between the Trade Union movement and the party or even Prime Ministers Questions in the Commons.
The problems result from the inexorable shift in policy direction of the party to the so called "centre ground" in British politics. This shift, to a certain extent commenced by Niel Kinnock but certainly carried to extreme and disastrous lengths by Blair, Mandelsson, Brown and Campbell has resulted in working people, pensioners, the sick and the unemployed, being essentially abandoned by their traditional party who have become almost indistinguishable from the Tory party. Parliamentary Labour Party members have abstained or even supported issues which have been detrimental to people and their families in this country and are in fact proposing even more of the same measures should they secure a majority at the election next year.
Unless or until such times as Miliband and the rest of the party "establishment" recognise that their traditional support base in the workplace and in the country has declined because the party has joined with the morass of the populist center ground. Condem coalition government disasters should now mean that Labour are streets ahead in public support.
Clearly, that is not the case and the rot in the Labour Party will not be removed by, "reforms more far reaching than those under Tony Blair".