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Thursday, 20 February 2014

British Royal family condones a barbaric, medieval autocracy

 Prince Charles Criticised For Taking Part In Saudi Arabian Sword Dance

Prince Charles taking part in an "Ardah"

Perhaps Charles discussed and crticised the Saudi involvement in the savage repression of protestors in Bahrain.(Which remains un reported in the western press and media). The Saudi role in the Syrian civil war was also on the agenda for discussion no doubt as was the bribery and corruption associated with the lucrative arms trade between the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.
For as long as Charles Windsor and the rest of his family support and give comfort to the barbaric regime in Saudi Arabia and other countries with a similar record of repression and abuses of human rights, then so shall such regimes be given a charade of credibility.
The Saudi Royal family have been made welcome visitors at Buckingham Palace and Downing Street for many years and are presumably reciprocating the hospitality for the heir to the British throne.
The torture, repression and abuses of civil liberties, the  crack down on protests with the Kingdom and involvement elsewhere, the oppression of minorities and women and the state corruption are conveniently forgotten.
Charles probably enjoyed the sheep's eyes and the rest of the State Banquets.