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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Ed Milliband is following in the footsteps of Tony Blair 

 Ed Miliband's Labour-union shakeup

Miliband will "look at the structure of Party Conference"

The sooner the TUC dumps this current apology for a "Labour" party with its pathetic "leadership" the better. Milliband is sounding more and more like Blair with each passing day.
The comment that he would, ""complete unfinished business of the past 20 years" and the proposal to introduce "sweeping reforms" designed to recast Labour's historic link with the trade unions, could have been written by Alastair Campbell.
(With all the intrigue and conspiracies currently taking place, we may be excused for believing the phrase actually was produced from Campbell's pen.)
Blair destroyed the Labour party and Milliband is just raking through the debris.