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Friday, 28 February 2014

This photograph is a condemnation of the "International community" for 68 years of failure.

 68 Years of international failure.


Palestinian camp of Yarmouk,Damascus

This is a photograph of a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus. Many of the people that I met from that same refugee camp some years ago, will now no doubt have children of their own. No doubt some of them will have died over the intervening years, from disease, from military actions of one sort or another, from malnutrition and some from old age. They are also, now, dying as a direct result of the Syrian civil war and the actions of the "rebels" and from the government forces.
This photograph and other images from the besieged Palestinian camp of Yarmouk, are being used by some as justification or excuse for western military intervention "on humanitarian grounds" but all too clearly as a pretext for supporting the opposition forces.
The photograph is not a a reason or excuse or reason for intervention in a civil war.
The photograph is a condemnation of the international community, the United Nations and many of the Arab states for 68 years of failure to address the fundamental issue. A condemnation for the acquiescence of those bodies in allowing such camps in Damascus, in Jordan, in Lebanon and a hundred other locations in the Middle East, to be created and perpetuated. A continuing shame of "the international community" which allows human beings, men, women and children to be born, live and eventually die in conditions of deprivation and oppression, simply because "the international community" allows Israel to occupy Palestine and refuses to impose a settlement to allow Palestinian peoples to return to their homes.
This photograph is not the result of a civil war. It is the result of western indifference to injustice and oppression and is to the eternal shame of the "the international community". Please consider that when the warmongers seek acceptance for their objectives for intervention in Syria.