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Thursday, 13 February 2014

The "Vote No" lobby using threats and bullying.

George Osborne accused of 'bullying' Scottish people into 'No' vote for independence



Chancellor George Osborne


Osborne is not the first, nor will he be the last of the "main political parties" politicians to resort to threats and bullying in an attempt to bring about a "No" vote.  An independent Scotland may well be in the best interests of the Scottish people, but for the "establishment"in Westminster, it would not be a good move.
It has nothing to do with the retention or otherwise of the Pound as a common currency. It has even less to do with "employment opportunities" as Darling has suggested in the past. or any of the other spurious reasons trotted out by the "Vote No" lobby.
The hierarchy of the main political parties are vehemently opposed to independence for Scotland, not for any social or economic considerations, but for their own political agendas.
Threats, intimidation and blackmail are just part of the campaign.

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