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Sunday, 19 June 2016

The obscenity of Egyptian "Show Trials" continues.

Al-Jazeera employees among six sentenced to death in Egypt

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 The obscenity of Egyptian "show trials" since Al-Sisi, with outside help and encouragement, staged the coup of  3rd July 2013 and overthrew a democratically elected President.
For as long as western governments and Israel continue to support and bolster this tinpot dictator, loathed by the majority of Egyptians, so will he continue his program of imprisonments, show trials, persecution and executions of any people or groups opposed to his despotic regime. 
He has been give "carte blanche" by the west to crush any opposition, real or imagined, to permanently extinguish all traces of the "Egyptian Spring", to re install a military dictatorship in the country.

In December of 2013, I wrote in New Agenda under the heading of "The Egyptian people are the losers" the following extract:

"The losers in this sad and at the same time sinister development are of course the Egyptian people. Naturally there are some, perhaps many people who supported Mubarak and consider that the military coup of earlier this year was a good thing and that Al-Sisi is restoring order to the country. However, the millions of people who overthrew the Mubarak/Tantawi regime two years ago, and thought that they were establishing some form of democracy in their country have been betrayed and their Egyptian spring has been cancelled  to be replaced by the very corruption, greed and military excesses that they thought, through their sacrifices and demonstrations in Tahrir square and a thousand other places throughout Egypt, had gone".
(The full text can be read at 

With this latest round of sham "show trial" verdicts, it is clear that nothing has changed in Egypt and that the Egyptian people remain the losers to the oppression and excesses of the Al-Sisi dictatorship.