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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Investigations of Tory election fraud claims extended,but little media coverage.

Why is there so little noise about the Tory election fraud claims?

Nineteen police forces are currently investigating Tory election fraud claims
The allegations of election fraud are a threat to the conservative party and more importantly to the government. Investigations and prosecutions, which could lead to bye elections and ultimately to the governments loss of its overall majority, must be causing Central Office to have nightmares. Consequently, the conservative hierarchy, Cameron and his gang including those involved in these (alleged) crimes will go to any lengths to disrupt or stop the investigations. Engineering a media "black out" is just one of their tools for this purpose.
The recent decisions of the court to grant extension to the investigation time-scale has clearly caused great consternation in conservative circles and they will have to find a "plan B". Perhaps it will not be too long before some judicial authority announces that further investigation and prosecutions have been ended as prosecutions "would not be in the public interest".

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