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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

An attempted coup with staged managed resignations from the shadow cabinet.

An attempted coup against a democratically elected leader.

As the events of yesterday unfolded, adding to the nauseating circus of  resigning Shadow cabinet ministers parading themselves in front of the television cameras of  BBC, Sky News or any of the other channels (as usual, all very eager to heap scorn and derision on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party), I began recollecting my time as a member of the Labour party. The battles with the "establishment" of the party at the time of Jim Callaghan, the fight to bring democracy to the party in respect of the election of leader, mandatory re selection of MP's, creation of party policy and many other revisions which we introduced to make our party more democratic and not subservient to the PLP. I recalled how, I became increasingly disillusioned with the leadership of Neil Kinnock and his drift to the right, reversing many of the revisions which we had introduced.
After the short period of John Smith, the party descended into the "dark ages" of Tony Blair. followed by Gordon Brown, who was never elected by the party membership, but granted a "coronation" making him Prime Minister. The election of Ed Milliband marked a limited start to reverse some of the drift to the right of previous years, but did not promise the radical improvements in society that I and many others had envisaged many years before.
The election of Jeremy Corbyn marked a break with the "dark ages"and promised a change in direction which is both necessary and long overdue. I rejoined the Labour party when he put his name forward as a candidate for the party leadership. There has always been those within the PLP who have been hostile to Corbyn and even before the leadership election result was announced, Danczuk, Hunt and others were quoted in the media as preparing to oust Jeremy, "within weeks" in the event that he won.
Clearly, they and the others now consider that they, after just nine months of the new leadership,
have an opportunity to bring about their objective with a duplicitous conspiracy of mass resignations orchestrated to gain maximum media coverage. These subversive hypocrites have and are, behaving in the way chillingly reminiscent of the PLP right wing of past years. Patronising and arrogant, they seek to preach that they alone have all the answers that only they are capable of controlling the party and that all party members must accept the instructions of the PLP without question or resistance.
I have no intention of allowing my party to once again fall under the control of elitists, hypocrites. liars and self serving opportunists and will fight to resist any attempted coup against Jeremy Corbyn and the Leadership of my party.
I was then moved to write an e-mail  to  Jeremy Corbyn in support of his continuing resistance to the plotters and their attempted coup.

Jeremy Corbyn addresses a rally after PLP meeting 27th June 2016

The outcome of the "Vote of confidence"  by the PLP will be declared at around 4 pm this afternoon. The "plotters" will then have to decide if they will mount a challenge for the leadership, and who will be their candidate. They could of course drop the whole thing, wander off and form their own party. They certainly have no place in he Labour party.