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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sour grapes from Toynbee but a great speech from Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn let us down again. says Polly Toynbee.

Polly Toynbee

Toynbee again grasping an opportunity to attack Corbyn. Toynbee, the "journalist" who endorsed Yvette Cooper for the Labour party leadership (and remains full of bile and spite because Cooper came third in a four horse race) has never missed any opportunity, no matter how tenuous, to rubbish and smear the Labour leader. This time she chooses the EU referendum campaign to produce a preposterous article, arguing that it is Corbyn's performance during the campaign was "dismally inadequate, lifeless and spineless" and that consequently the "Remain" campaign lost the vote, because Labour voters chose "Leave" on the ballot paper. Toynbee's argument is both absurd and ridiculous as more Labour voters voted with the remain camp than Tory voters. Clearly, Toynbee is suffering from a severe dose of sour grapes at the referendum result, added to her historical hatred of Jeremy Corbyn. It is sad and when so called "journalist" are filled with such venom and use a ludicrous argument to continue a personal vendetta.

We have to make sure that those negotiations deliver protection our country needs.- working rights, environment and human rights. says Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

I have just watched Jeremy Corbyn's speaking on television, at a post EU referendum meeting (25th June 2016).
Great speech, showing passion, vision and commitment to a better future. This was not the speech of a man about to quit his position as leader. 
The PLP and the treacherous MP's submitting or supporting the no confidence motion should bear in mind that it is they who are out of touch with the party and will bear the consequences of their duplicitous actions.
Jeremy Corbyn will become the Prime Minister of this country at the next General election, whenever such may be called.