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Thursday, 16 June 2016

A spiteful "Emergency Budget" which is already doomed to fall.

57 Tory MPs pledge to vote down George Osborne's post-Brexit budget

If the "Remain" campaign were determined to destroy their own chances of winning next weeks referendum, they could not have chosen a more appropriate weapon to add to their already substantial armoury of fear and intimidation employed thus far, than to threaten a "punishment budget" should the nation vote "Leave", on the 23rd June. George Osborne is firmly in the "Remain" camp and yet has chosen to threaten retaliation against those people and groups that he  seeks the support of at the polls. Last week, threats to pensioners and others, now threats to the NHS and tax payers. All that Osborne has achieved with this latest tantrum of bile and spite, is to  incur the wrath of at least 60 Conservative MP's who will vote down any "Emergency Budget" that he may bring before Parliament in the event of a "Brexit" vote, and an unequivocal statement from the Labour party that they will vote against such a budget. In this light, a defeat on the matter is inevitable and could well result in the fall of both Chancellor and government.
The "Remain" camp are becoming desperate, as the rhetoric of spite and threat reaches a new level of intensity.