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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Conspirators emerging from the shadows of anonymity

Blairites launch bid to topple Jeremy Corbyn

Margaret Hodge,  Ann Coffey and Jeremy Corbyn 

During the course of the past few days, since the result of the EU membership referendum was announced in fact, the conspirators within the Parliamentary Labour Party (the PLP) seem to have been emboldened in their crusade to remove Jeremy Corbyn from the leadership. A crusade which has been smoldering within the PLP and supported by the media, has now been given impetus by the PLP disappointment with the referendum result and has encouraged the conspirators to break cover and table a "no confidence" motion in the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.
Over the past 36 hours, Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey have tabled a "no confidence" motion, to be closely followed by John Mann (who will grasp any opportunity to advance his own agenda), adding his "weight" to the "Plot".

Image result for caroline flint
Caroline Flint
Tristram Hunt

 Other subversives emerging from the shadows of anonymity include Caroline Flint, (one of the original "Blair's Babes), Tristram Hunt with his "Labour needs to do something about Jeremy Corbyn" article in the Guardian, Frank Field in the "Independent", Stephen Kinnock and Ben Bradshaw, in any media outlet prepared to quote them, and of course, Hillary Benn in his duplicitous and widely publicised bid to persuade Shadow Cabinet members to support him to topple Corbyn. No doubt given encouragement by an article by Polly Toynbee in the Guardian, these dissidents have finally thrown off the mask and publicly launched their bid for the leadership.

Stephen Kinnock

Their first casualty has been Hillary Benn, the Shadow Home Secretary, who was sacked in the early hours of this morning, (Sunday 26th June). 

Hillary Benn.

The "no confidence" motion will be debated by the whole PLP on Monday (27th June) and it expected that a secret ballot will take place the next day. Between now and next Tuesday, Constituency Labour parties around the country, contributors to social media and other mass communication outlets, will have the opportunity to remind the PLP, particularly those members who have instigated this coup attempt, that Jeremy Corbyn was elected on the 12th September 2015, only some 9 months past, and moreover was elected with 59.5% of the votes cast on the first ballot from a vastly increased Labour party membership. The PLP should also be advised that it is clearly evident that level of support amongst Labour party members remains strong and if anything may have been increased with more new members over the past 9 months.
It is the "Blairite" elements of the PLP who have engineered yet another diversion to cause division and conflict within the party. We Labour party members, should not be forced into fighting a "two front war" against elements of our own PLP, who are intent upon pursuing their own political ambitions, when we should be fighting to save the NHS, protect workers rights, repair the damage done to the fabric of our society and ensure that never again will the people of our country be exploited at the hands of the profiteers, speculators, big business interests and corrupt politicians.

Should the seditious elements within the party not be prepared to follow the example of the "Gang of Four", and form their own political party, then the should be sacked from whatever post they may hold, as in the case of Hillary Benn, or even expelled from our party.