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Thursday, 16 June 2016

The New Statesman joins the media crusade to undermine the Labour party leadership.

The EU referendum was meant to be a Tory nightmare – but it has become one for Labour. says George Eaton of the New Statesman.

Image result for The EU referendum was meant to be a Tory nightmare – but it has become one for Labour

The New Statesman political editor George Eaton, and some readers/commentators on the Labour Party Forum Facebook page, seem determined to undermine the Labour leadership at every opportunity however slight such opportunity may be. Quoting the usual anonymous sources, the Statesman apportions blame for a possible Brexit vote on Jeremy Corbyn. A preposterous suggestion which then leads on to the even more speculative assertion that a leadership election would be engineered by some duplicitous sections within the PLP even in the knowledge that such an election would result in another victory for Corbyn.
The agenda of the dissidents within the PLP, has since last summer, has always  been the removal of the elected leadership in favour of a Blair facsimile. In this they are encouraged by a predominately hostile media, including the New Statesman, and elements with the "Labour Party Forum" Facebook page.
It is abundantly clear, that for the purposes of expediency, they employ confuse the Labour Party with the Parliamentary Labour Party seeking to promote the views of a rump of PLP Blairites and sympathisers as the views of the party membership as a whole. In this they are very much mistaken.

George Eaton