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Friday, 24 June 2016

Another coup attemp by the PLP

Jeremy Corbyn faces no-confidence motion after Britain votes to leave EU,

Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey, two of the usual suspects within the Parliamentary Labour Party, who have always been eager to grasp any opportunity (or even straw), to pour scorn and derision on Corbyn and the party leadership. Hodge and Coffey, have consistently shown Blairite tendencies and after their candidate in last years leadership election managed to disappear into the obscurity, they have, since that time been plotting and conspiring with the others of that persuasion to smear and undermine Corbyn as they are unable to accept the decision of the membership and the 64% vote which put Corbyn into the position. In this exercise of duplicitous sedition, the conspirators have been aided and supported by a media and television, hostile to the Labour party and its elected leadership. The latest accomplice to crawl out from the woodwork to add his "weight" to the call for a vote of confidence is John Mann, famous for his self serving outbursts and his attempted meddling in the leadership contest, still keen to talk over opposition ans shout down criticism of himself or his point of view.

 Ann Coffey Margaret Hodge and Jeremy Corbyn

This latest no confidence attempt at a coup is as preposterous as it is sinister. To submit this motion today, of all days, demonstrates a crass miscalculation of both the mood of the country and, moreover, the mood of the majority of Labour party members. Do Hodge, Coffey and Mann honestly believe that the membership of the party would allow them to overthrow an elected leader of only some 12 months? It may well be that a section of the PLP could secure just enough votes to bring about a very close result, but the consequences of such a vote would have effects within the party membership of seismic proportions and mass resignations from the membership. The PLP conspirators were wrong in May when they predicted huge losses in the Council elections. People voted Labour in droves retaining council seats and winning overall control of councils. The same would be true in a General election, but should circumstances arise where Corbyn was not the leader, then Labour would be annihilated at the polls as people around the country recognised the cynicism and duplicity of a few self serving MP's who betray principle and sincerity for personal advantage and gain.
Even now, this absurd notice of motion can be withdrawn and the movers can save themselves the embarrassment of defeat and save the party from the possibility of mass resignations.