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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Was she ever in the "Brexit" camp?

Sayeeda Warsi "defects" from Leave to Remain

Before everyone gets too carried away with euphoric praise for Sayeeda Warsi and her "principled stand" and change of camps in the EU referendum campaign, we should recall some of the other"issues" that she has been involved with during her chequered and colourful career.
Roger Helmer defection
In March 2012, Warsi was criticised by a number of Conservative MPs at a meeting of the 1922 Committee for her handling of MEP Roger Helmer's defection to UKIP. Financial declarations
In May 2012, Warsi apologised for failing to declare rental income in the Lords' Register of Interests.
Parliamentary expenses inquiry
May 2012, criticisms of her claims for parliamentary expenses were reported. The Labour Opposition urged a full police investigation into her expenses
Breach of the Ministerial Code
Sir Alex Allan found Warsi to have committed two breaches the Ministerial Code
The Conservative Party leadership was criticised in some quarters for holding Baroness Warsi to account on the Ministerial Code while apparently having a more relaxed approach to Jeremy Hunt, who was Culture Secretary at that time.[63]
European Union
On 20 June 2016, three days before the referendum on membership of the European Union, Warsi said that she could no longer support the Leave campaign A spokesman for Vote Leave said that they were not aware that Warsi had ever been a supporter.
This "defection" has produced some publicity for Warsi, and clearly some elements of the media are revelling in the "story", but in view of past events,it should be viewed in perspective and questioned as to motivation.