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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

An awful prospect for the world

Hillary Clinton has delegates to clinch Democratic nomination, says AP count

I rarely comment on the American political scene, as I believe that it is a domestic matter which should be for those who live there. However, when it comes to the choice of a President, there is a difference. The President is according to reports, the "leader of the free world holding the most powerful position on the planet". Consequently, as one of those being "led" (though not an American), I feel that I should be allowed to comment on the presidential race for the Whitehouse.
According to reports, Hillary Clinton has secured sufficient delegates to become the Democratic nominee to run against Donald Trump for the Presidency.
What an awful prospect for the world, let alone the American people.The screeching hysterical megalomaniac or the ranting, demented megalomaniac.
American politics is in a very sorry state when the only candidates from around 320 million people are these two specimens. Just goes to prove that in the political arena of the United States, money is infinitely more important than principle, integrity or even talent.