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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Benn is not the only one who should be sacked.

Jeremy Corbyn sacks Hilary Benn from shadow cabinet

Benn has been sacked from the Shadow Home Secretary role and not before time. He and some others in the PLP, have been plotting a coup since September of last year when Jeremy Corbyn gained substantial support in the leadership election. Elements within the PLP have never accepted the result and have spent the last year criticising and attacking the leadership of the party when they should have been opposing and attacking the Conservative government.

 These seditious conspirators now crawl out from the woodwork following the referendum campaign to mount a challenge to Corbyn with a vote of "no confidence" encouraged and supported by a media predominately hostile to the Labour party. Not only should these MP's, Benn, Flint, Hodge, Mann, Coffey, Umunna and the rest be sacked from any position they may hold in the Shadow cabinet, they should also be expelled from the Labour party. They could then wander off and form their own party, leaving the rest of us to get on with what we should be doing, fighting against the Conservatives for the people we represent, rather than having to fight a "two front" war against the conspirators within our ranks.