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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Yet another hypocritical intervention.

Tony Blair accuses Jeremy Corbyn of standing by as Syria is bombed

This squalid intervention from Blair, rates as one of the worst to date. The hypocrisy from this wretched man is stunning, in his crude attempt to further undermine the leadership of the Labour party. Blair took this country into illegal wars which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's and ultimately to the creation of ISIS. Blair who "stood by and did nothing", as hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were killed in Gaza by white phosphorous and other internationally outlawed weapons. This duplicitous miscreant, led the Labour party to three election victories, based on the illusion that Conservative policies could somehow be packaged into an alternative programme to benefit the ordinary people of this country. The declining votes at successive elections, and the rapid fall in Labour party membership, led to the crushing defeats in the 2010 election under Brown and the 2015 election under Milliband. Since his departure from the role as Prime Minister and leader of the Labour party, Blair has become very rich through various schemes and positions and is now taking every invitation granted to him by a media who share his hostility towards the present Labour leadership, to further his own position and no doubt create further opportunities to make even more money. For some weeks now Blair has been seeking ways to divert attention from any uncomfortable revelations which may be contained in the Chilcot report and he will take any opportunity to achieve that end.