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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Laura Kuenssberg wasting no time to spew out more spite and smear against the Labour party leadership.

Corbyn office 'sabotaged' EU Remain campaign - says Kuenssberg

Laura Kuenssberg

 The obnoxious and politically biased Laura Kuenssberg, wastes no time in pouring out more anti Corbyn smear and bile.
Using her usual unnamed "sources" in the Corbyn offices, Kuennsberg jumps into this day of turmoil brought about by resignations and sackings from the Shadow Cabinet to spread her spite and smears. Spreading oil into the flames barely does justice to this woman's hatred of the Labour party and the lengths that she will go to distort truth and manufacture fanciful stories designed discredit and vilify anyone she perceives as an opponent. To describe her as a journalist brings a once noble occupation into disrepute.It is as if she were carrying out some intricate scheme hatched in Conservative Central office with the ultimate prize of a very safe Conservative seat somewhere in the heart of rural England.
She is a disgrace to her profession and not worthy of the title BBC Political editor